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Ontario Association of Parliamentarians
Board of Directors

Get to Know Us​

The Ontario Association of Parliamentarians is led by a Board of Directors composed of the officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), presidents of units, and the Chairs of all Standing Committees. The parliamentarian shall serve as an adviser to the Board of Directors.

Pappano Headshot_edited.jpg

Justin G. Pappano, PRP


Justin G. Pappano, PRP, leads the Ontario Association of Parliamentarians.

As President, he presides at all OAP meetings, appoints all committee members and Chairs, and leads the association.

Justin is a member of the NAP Bylaws (and was formerly a member of the NAP Youth Committee) and is very active in NAP's District 4. He has been the Coordinator of the District's Conference and Educational Program and is currently the District's Education Program Coordinator.

Justin is a frequent speaker on topics regarding parliamentary procedure. 


Professionally, Justin leads Pappano Consulting Inc. a boutique management consultancy firm that specializes in governance, rules of order, and Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised. In this capacity, Justin is one of the very few full-time professional parliamentarians who practice as a career. 

If you have a question about OAP, please contact Justin at:

Odumodu Headshot.jpeg

Maria Odumodu, Ph.D.

Vice President

Maria and her husband were self-sponsored to Canada in 1971 from London, England. Maria became an entrepreneur. This gave her the opportunity to be “mom in chief;” for four children and six grandchildren.

Maria was able to fulfill her passion for continuous self-improvement.

She has a Ph.D. (2015); a Master’s in International Relations/Development; Hons. Political Science; a Registered Nurse (SRN); Associate Member Chartered Insurance Institute, and member of NAP.

Her interest in Roberts Rules goes back to 1986 convention when a day was adjourned abruptly.

Currently, Maria is the President of her company and CAO of Brighton Group of Pharmacies.

Her goal is to become credentialed so that I can help the next generation.

A. Kapur headshot.jpg

Atul Kapur, MD, Msc, CPP-T, PRP


Atul Kapur, MD, MSc, CPP-T, PRP had to teach himself parliamentary procedure so he could defend his rights during Student Council meetings at university.


That knowledge assisted him in his various roles as a director and/or presiding officer of charities, local government boards, provincial and federal medical associations, and the provincial and federal branches of a major political party.


He is a graduate of the Governance Essentials Program for Not-For-Profit Organizations from the Institute of Corporate Directors.


He holds the NAP’s top credential, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, and serves on its Bylaws Committee.


He was OAP’s Vice-President before serving as Secretary. Atul has also earned the top credential of Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher from the American Institute of Parliamentarians and is also Vice President of its Executive Committee and a member of the AIP Opinions Committee, where he advises members in complex and unclear situations.


Atul serves a variety of clients throughout North America as a professional parliamentarian, teaches workshops on parliamentary procedure, trains chairs and boards, and assists with bylaws reviews.

He also continues to practice as an emergency physician in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Mateus Forte Picture.jpg

Mateus Forte


Mateus Forte holds a degree in Sports Administration, which has served as a strong foundation for his career. Currently, Mateus serves as the Club Manager for a prominent local youth soccer club, where he has been instrumental in creating a thriving and inclusive environment for young athletes to develop their skills.

Mateus is an active member of the Ontario Association of Parliamentarians (OAP), where he holds the position of Treasurer. His financial acumen and attention to detail play a crucial role in managing the association's finances effectively.

Mateus currently serves as the Charter President of the Maple Leaf Unit of Parliamentarians, which is the only active Canadian unit of NAP. As Unit President, Mateus is focused on furthering the education and promotion of parliamentary procedure on a regular basis. 

Mateus also serves as the District 4 Provincial Coordinator for Ontario, overseeing and reviewing the membership information on an annual basis, in addition to driving growth within the association. 

Driven by a desire to excel in his field, Mateus is keen on becoming credentialed in the near future. He is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development. 

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