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Maple Leaf Unit

The OAP has one unit (a unit is the smallest division in the structure of NAP) which meets on the third Thursday monthly (except July, August, and December) at 7:00 PM Eastern Time via Zoom. A unit is the ideal place to get your start in parliamentary procedure. 

Unit Board of Directors:

Mateus Forte, President

Lori Lukinuk, PRP, Vice-President

Marla Bouffard, Secretary 

Justin G. Pappano, PRP, Ex-Officio (Association President)

Membership Committee: 

Marla Bouffard (Chair)

Mateus Forte, Ex-Officio (Unit President)

Education Committee: 

Justin G. Pappano, PRP (Chair)

Mateus Forte, Ex-Officio (Unit President)


Justin G. Pappano, PRP 

Charter Members:

Justin Pappano, PRP, (Chair Pro Tempore); Lori Lukinuk, PRP (Secretary Pro Tempore/Charter Vice-President); Mateus Forte (Charter President); Marla Bouffard (Charter Secretary); Dave Bennett, PRP; Todd Brand, PRP; Paul Crawford, RP; Tracey Ehl; Bob Fisher; Melanie Guitard; Dhruv Jain; Darrel Kennedy; Atul Kapur, PRP; Michael Mouritsen, RP; Mike Prest, PRP; Robert Schuck, PRP; & Deborah Underwood, PRP.

Join Us

If you are interested in becoming a member of the unit or serving on a Unit Committee, please reach out to the Maple Leaf Unit President at: or the Ontario Association of Parliamentarians President at: 

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