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Committees & Appointments

The OAP has various committees and appointments most of which are appointed by our President.

Education Committee:

Lori Lukinuk, PRP, (Chair); Nicole van Woudenberg, RP; Dave Szollosy; and Maria Odumodu.

Justin G. Pappano, RP (ex-officio)

Membership Committee: 

Justin G. Pappano, RP, (Chair) and Lori Lukinuk, PRP


Lori Lukinuk, PRP

Provincial Coordinator: 

Mateus Forte

2022 Annual Session Coordinator: 

Marla Bouffard

If you are interested in serving on an OAP Committee or are interested in the work of our committees and officers, please reach out to our President at: 

Committees & Appointments: Text

Former Presidents

Since rechartering the OAP has had the following former Presidents:

Lori Lukinuk, PRP (2018-2021)

Committees & Appointments: Text
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